"I love painting flowers because they are a metaphor for life and capturing the moment.
A flower is the transition between seed and fruit, an important moment of transformation and a testimony to the botanical process. A flower represents the here and now and thereby reminds us to be one with the extreme beauty at the present moment. It inspires to pure art.  Flowers allow your intuition and creativity to express the cycle of life in symbols respecting life's existence."


Figurative Art


To search and seek for the perfection of life,

of the truth, of everything that is around me.

To absorb colour, relish a form and create an internal

image gained from a felt emotion.

For the artist too, awareness is a later process

and often astonishment which becomes an emotion

derived from it.

Material Art


Supports, techniques, materials change, come

together becoming a means to try new emotions.

The brush flows across the canvas and captures

denseness or softness, determination or drifting.

A poem of form and colour, driven by the need

to exist and instantly pass on the magic

of the perceptions experienced.

Symbolic Art

Flow into Shape and Colour

“I gaze and discover”.

The eyes fill with forms and colours

and - suddenly - lines and shades tumble

into the heart and weave a dance.

In that vortex the absolute need to transmit

the live creative experience is unleashed.


Luisella Traversi Guerra
Painting Atelier
Via Mazzola Ghisleni 1, 24128 Bergamo Italy