Exhibitions, awards and acknowledgement

Luisella Traversi Guerra is a writer and painter.
She was born on 21st July, 1944 in Borgonovo (Piacenza, I).
After spending a part of her childhood in Paris (F), she goes back to Italy and there she graduates.
She get married and has 5 children, being also grandmother of 9 grandchildren.
For years she dedicates all her interest and devotion to the development of her family’s companies, thus becoming Director of H.R. and getting specialized in behaviour analysis and quality development in work environment, often being relater at conferences and courses.
She keep painting during her spare time, but she realizes more and more that her way of knowledge and inner growth is deeply connected with her artistic experience and life.
As a consequence her paint becomes a way to express an inner deep research, through symbolic images and experiment different techniques.
If painting for her is a way to express the process that take place in her inner life, her poetry enriches the expression and enlarge the variety of values and feelings to be shown. For this reason Luisella Traversi Guerra publishes few poetry-book.
Few times is given her the possibility to display in the United States of America, in Japan, in Netherlands and in Switzerland.
Only lately the artist begin to put forward her work in Italy too.


. Special mention for “Creativity and colour”, Rome


. Permanent exhibition in Newburg (Indiana – U.S.A.)


. Personal exhibition, American Consulate, Milan

. Personal exhibition “Tomorrow is a new frontier”, Newburg


. Personal exhibition “Energy and colour as languages of being”, Newburgh

. Personal exhibition, Isola di Brissago, Locarno (Switzerland)


. Personal exhibition “Painting as a path of knowledge”, Newburg

. Publication of the triptych poetry-book “Places of light in soul”


. Personal exhibition “Emotions and interior images expressed by flowers”, Tokyo (Japan)


. She attends to CANTICO 2000 by the Mostra Permanente di Milano with the sculpture “When the heart meets the mind”, Milan

. Personal exhibition “Poetry between Indiana’s Trees”, Newburgh

. Publication of the poetry-book “Wish of stars”

. Publication with A. Borgese and P.M. Vello of the book “The creative strategical process”


. Personal exhibition “Soul’s breath”, Tokyo


. Publication of the poetry-book “As harvesting drops”


. Personal exhibition “Hymn to Life”, Tokyo

. Personal exhibition, Brignano Gera d’Adda (Bergamo)

. Participation to the First Show Artists and Writers promoted by the Accademia Italiana “The Etruscan”, Vada (Livorno)


. Participation to First Show of Art and contemporary Literature “La Chimera 2005” promoted by the Accademia Italiana “The Etruscan”, Vada (Livorno)

. Mention for Excellence from Esart Gallery of Barcelona (Spain)


. Exhibition “Love for beauty and well-done” to celebrate 50 years of Robur Company, Saint Agostino former church, Bergamo

. Publication of a poetries’ collection “Epiphany of listening”


. Personal exhibition “From the gaze and in the heart”, Tokyo


. Personal exhibition “Floral Symbolics”, Lugano (Switzerland)

. Collective exhibition “Creative Sinestesie”, sponsored by Amarte, Milan

. Open Art Fair In Utrecht (Netherlands) with the help of Ella Arps Gallery, Utrecht

. A year round exhibition at the BPS branch in Bellinzona (Switzerland)


. Collective exhibition “The Seven Deadly Sins”, sponsored by Amarte, Sala Marmi del Comune di Salerno, Salerno

. Personal exhibition “Depths of Energy”, Centro Culturale San Bartolomeo, Bergamo

. Personal exhibition “Souls Gardens”, Museo Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga, Mantua

. Collective exhibition organised by Cesare Banaglia, Holiday Inn Express, Mozzo (Bergamo)

. With the collaboration of the Project Cultural Association Emilia Romagna the project “Medicine and Art” born, the artist participate at the conference and exhibits at Hotel CanalGrande di Modena, Modena

. Collective exhibition sponsored by Amarte, Museo Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga, Mantua

. Publication of a collection of poetries “Soul Journey”


. Personal exhibition “March: the intimate energy of colour”, Riva San Vitale (Switzerland)

. She participates at the charity auction organized from the World Food Program “Artist chairs”, Holiday Inn,

Mozzo (Bergamo)

. Award Spoleto Festival Art International 2011, Spoleto

. She donates her painting “Metafisica dell’amore: perdono e pace” to the Paradiso church (Switzerland)

. Thanks to the collaboration with Amarte she attends as relator at the Master “Design Experience 2011-2012” by Polidesign, Milano

. She donates her painting “Scissione luminosa blu ‘10” at her mother’s home town, the painting is then kept at the Iacocca Foundation,

San Marco dei Cavoti (Benevento)

. Personal exhibition “Art: the golden thread to knowledge - An introspective course”, Sala San Rocco, Fondazione Maghetti, Lugano

. Collective exhibition “Energy and kindness of feeling”, sponsored by Amarte, Alibi Gallery, Milano

. The painting “La pazienza nel colore” is in the Pandolfini auction, Firenze

. Participation at the 54ª Esposizione Internazionale della Biennale di Venezia, Turin


. She donates three of her works to the Legnano Hospital, paintings that will then be conserved and shown at the oncological department,


. She donates few works for the charity auction Artquake, Bologna and Reggio Emilia

. Personal exhibition “Light and Colour”, Room Sainte Lucie, Roquebrune Cap Martin - Village (France)

. Mondadori publishes the first monograph of the artist

. In collaboration with Galleria Palma she participates at the fairs Dimensione 2000 in Luxembourg and Arti12 in The Hague

. She participates at the charity auction organized from the World Food Program “Green Day”, Holiday Inn, Bergamo

. Neptune Award 2012


. In collaboration with Galleria Palma she participates at the fair "Lille Art Fair", Lille (France)

. Personal exhibition "Just like Hope", Antico Oratorio della Passione di Sant'Ambrogio, Milan

. Personal exhibition "Expressive paths of soul", Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna 

. Collective exhibition "A work of art for the week" ,Museo Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga, Mantua 

. Conference "Art, a way to take care and cultivate values, feelings and sight on things", Centro Culturale Alzavola, Lugano (Switzerland)

. Collective exhibition of Italian artists during the manifestation "The month of Italian culture and language 2013", Barclays Bank, Principality of Monaco

. Personal exhibition “The path of Hope”, Centro Culturale San Bartolomeo, Bergamo

. Collective exhibition "For Padre Pedro" organized by the Charity Association Amici di Padre Pedro, Salone Ex-Ateneo, Bergamo


. She participates at the fair Affordable Art Fair 2014, Milano

. The painting “Dal centro” is in the Pandolfini auction, Firenze


. She participates at “Premio Cristoforo Colombo” in Galata Museo del Mare, Genova

. In collaboration with Galleria Palma she participates at “Affordable Art Fair 2015”, Singapore

. In collaboration with Galleria Palma she participates at “Affordable Art Fair 2015”, Hong Kong

. Personal exhibition “Metamorphosis” at Credit Suisse, Milano

. Personal exhibition “Life of Color”, Palazzo Gallio, Gravedona (Co) 

. She participates at "56° Biennale di Venezia", collective exhibition “Grazie Italia”, Padiglione Nazionale Guatemala e Padiglione Nazionale Granada, Officina delle Zattere, Venezia

. Collective exhibition at Les Galeries du Luxembourg, Bergamo

. She participates at "X Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea", Firenze

. She participates at "XX Concorso nazionale d'arte contemporanea" SaturArte, Genova

. She participates at “L’isola che c’è”, Villa Castelnuovo, Palermo

. Personal exhibition “Metamorfosi nel sentire”, Galleria Studio C, Piacenza

. Collective exhibition at galleria d'arte RossoCinabro, Roma

. In collaboration with Galleria Palma she participates at “Affordable Art Fair 2015” Autumn Edition, Singapore

. Collective exhibition “Artisti per il Giubileo”, Basilica di San Paolo, Roma


. She participates at the International exhibition “Berlino in arte 2016”, Galleria August 35, Berlino (Germania)

. In collaboration with Galleria Palma she participates at “Affordable Art Fair 2016”, Milano

. Personal exhibition “Dal silenzio alla luce”, Villa Bernasconi, Cernobbio (Como)

. Collective exhibition “Genova Art EXPO”, Palazzo Stella, Genova

. Collective exhibition “Sinfonie solenni”, Galleria Statuto 13, Milano


. She participates at the 1st "Biennale Internazionale del Mediterraneo", section “Museo Levi”, Palermo
. She participates at the "Triennale di Roma", Complesso Monumentale del Vittoriano, Roma
. Collective exhibition for the 60th memorial of the Trattati di Roma, Palazzo Ferrajoli, Roma
. Personal exhibition “Cromatiche vibrazioni”, Galleria Studio C, Piacenza
. Collective exhibition "Italiarts – Mostra collettiva di artisti italiani contemporanei", Budapest
. In collaboration with Galleria Palma she participates at “Affordable Art Fair 2017”, Hong Kong (Cina)
. She participates at the XX edition of “Art shopping”, Carrousel du Louvre, Parigi (Francia)
. Collective exhibition “Omaggio a Giacomo Puccini. Vissi d'Arte, vissi d'Amore”, Torre del lago Puccini, Lucca
. She participates at “Premio Arte Milano”, Teatro dal Verme, Milano
. She participates at “Napoli in arte”, Galleria Arte Serio, Napoli
. Personal exhibition “Vivide emozioni”, Galleria Statuto 13, Milano
. In collaboration with Galleria Palma she participates at “Affordable Art Fair 2017” Autumn Edition, Singapore
. She participates at the "XI Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea", Firenze
. Collective exhibition "Galerie Artitude", Parigi, Francia
. Collective exhibition at "Galerie Bog-Art", Bruxelles, Belgio
. Personal exhibition at "Galerie Artitude", Parigi, Francia


Luisella Traversi Guerra
Painting Atelier
Via Mazzola Ghisleni 1, 24128 Bergamo Italy